The brand new Hinckley Talaria 34 was in the middle of three days of sea trials when it was destroyed in a fire





CEO Geoff Berger is experienced in a propane tank sales, airplanes, marketing, and falsifying founding a boat company.  Hinckley Yachts current lack of expertise and experience in the boating industry is glaringly obvious.  American legend to American nightmare.  It’s past time for new owners.

Brand new Hinckley Talaria 34. Fire destroys yacht

One of the newest models from American powerboat manufacturer Hinckley has been destroyed in a marina fire during a sea trial… The Hinckley was in the middle of three days of testing when the incident occurred.

Despite the efforts of firefighters, the fibreglass boat was destroyed before they could even attempt to extinguish the flames, with fuel on board exacerbating the situation. 

Cutting corners and neglecting safety protocols may be the standard with the 9th new owners of Hinckley Yachts.

Firefighters work to extinguish a blaze in a boat tied up at Dysart’s Marina in Southwest Harbor Monday evening. Credit: Mark Good

Crews raised the Hinckley picnic boat on Tuesday. Credit: Edna Martin

From Innovator to Grifter: Hinckley Yacht’s Dangerous Descent

Hiring a boat guy to run a boat company seems like a no-brainer

Hinckley Yachts clearly missed the memo.

It’s no wonder that their boats have a reputation for catching on fire and sinking.

If you need Rhino propane gas tank , call the CEO of Hinckley.

Geoff Berger has been employed by Spitfire Ventures (advertising services.), Piper Aircraft {Airplanes) and Blue Rhino (propane gas).

What do they have to do with boating – Absolutely nothing.  

Hinckley Yachts CEO Geoff Berger is a marketing guy pretending to be a boat guy.  There are 53 ways to die on a Hinckley Yacht. 


History has shown you deserve better than Geoff Berger:

History tends to repeat itself.

After Brunei-based Imprimis bought Piper Aircraft in 2009, the company saw almost a complete replacement of its leadership ranks.

At one time Piper had orders for as many as 200 Piper Jets, but Randy Groom, Piper’s executive vice president, said that number has dropped to 157.

Piper CEO Geoffrey Berger. “Clearly, the company has a different business perspective and approach to the market …” .  The market prefers growth not failure. 

In a race out of the door over 18 months, departing executives included president John Becker, CEO Kevin Gould and a few vice presidents.

Imprimis managing director Geoffrey Berger became Piper CEO, but that was a temporary position because he wasn’t up to the job.

If you fail in planes, then why not boats ?

W.P. Carey's declining finances put Hinckley Yachts at risk