Ownership history of Hinckley/The Talaria Company, LLC:

Decline of a legend

1st        1928 – Founded by Benjamin Hinckley

2nd       1932 – Taken over by son, Henry R. Hinckley

3rd        1979 – Sold by Henry R. Hinckley to Richard Tucker and run by William Moyer

4th        1982 – Henry R. Hinckley’s son, Bob Hinckley, bought company back with help from his business partner, Shepard McKenney

5th        1997 – Sold by Hinckley/McKenney to The Bain, Willard Companies – William Bain, Ralph Willard, and Alexander Spaulding

6th        1999 – The Talaria Company, LLC was founded.

7th        2000 – Fictitious name Hinckley Yacht Services was filed.

8th        2001 – 51% controlling interest sold to Monitor Clipper Partners – Mark T. Thomas and William Young, both of Luxembourg – James P. McManus appointed CEO (now deceased)

9th        2005 – Company sold to Scout Partners, LLC – David Howe and Pete Peterson – Gerard DiSchino appointed CEO – David Howe is currently CEO of Scout Partners and Chair of Hinckley Yacht Services; Pete Peterson is deceased

  • 2008 – Subsidiaries Alden Yachts, Inc. and Winter Yacht Basin, Inc. both dissolved (no info on when they were acquired)
  • 2013 – Scout Partners, LLC acquired Hunt Yachts
  • 2016 – Scout Partners/Hinckley acquired Morris Yachts, LLC
  • 2022 – Current LLC members are Jerry Lundquist (McKinsey & Co), Brooks Gordon (W. P. Carey), David Howe (Scout Partners LLC)(“The Talaria Company LLC”).

Current executive team for Talaria/Hinckley is:

  • Geoffrey Berger, CEO.
  • Michael Arieta, President.
  • Linda Cavanaugh, Chief Financial Officer.
  • Pete Saladino, Chief Marketing Officer.

Note:There are 9 Hinckleys which shows the decline of a legend. Terminology is a mess. We think it’s correct. Much as all 9 companies have pretended to be “the Hinckley” they are not. We use the word Hinckley widely and we apologize if we used the wrong version and screwed it up. If we are incorrect, we will gladly update factual details.

How many died for a 1/3rd share ?

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